Cloud computing – A better future ahead

Cloud Computing

Evolution of Cloud Computing has given new direction to IT and Telecom industries. Management services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud computing, Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) brought new arena to the existing processes. The telecom industry can offer Telecom Expense Management solutions (TEM) which can make processes multidimensional aligning perfectly while managing cloud computing.

Updating employees in Cloud Computing Platforms

It’s vital to ensure every employee has the access to right set of applications. Also, the manager must ensure updating the access regularly as employees’ leaves and joins, any mistake can cost dearly to the company. The wireless expense management firms are the best solution to overcome such manual mistakes as they targeting zero mistakes.

Optimizing the source

The company’s understanding for proper application subscriptions for employees is a must. They should consider at least two companies that provide an application to validate optimization in the billing. Generally, most companies opt up to 8 applications including HR, finance, sales, marketing and ERP which can be optimized for better outcomes.

Management of the billing and funds

This is observed that the service providers are overcharging for services which they can provide as FREE! CSA have some characteristics of hidden waste and expenses which needs proper attention. The TEM can be an answer for such services.

 Management of the network assets

It is very important to shift from high-cost setup to a lower cost setup. For example shifting to a tier 1 internet service provider can reduce the cost of network inventory while keeping the internet speed at par.

Automation and Security

TEM provides automation of billing in cloud services which is generally done manually and needed a lot of manual workforce and add to the expenses. Also, TEM has expertise in mobile policy, policy enforcement and security which will be a bonus for the client.

Shifting to cloud computing can accelerate the productivity of firm but it is crucial to have a proper management system in place before adapting to the change perfectly. This is where TEMs are worth every penny.