Corporate Responsibility is not just a name which one can fancy about, we have to make real efforts to be a responsible organization. Abiding by this principle we are nurturing values in our employees so that they can understand what being a socially responsible would mean. To make our employees "Good citizens" we have initiated the "Save Energy drive". The entire project is lead by the employees itself where they are spreading awareness among the colleagues how they can switch off the lights and how the unused resources should be shut down. The moment is making its impact and employees from top to bottom are tuning their habits towards this change.

"Save Paper - Save Nature" we have another initiative where only the most needed stuff should be brought down to the paper, for everything else we are making use of the technology and gadgets. The voice recorders are encouraged during the client meetings to jot down the notes and vital information. We are using e-signatures for several purposes within IIPL. A lot of our data is stored in the cloud and we don't need paper for 80% of our activities today. We are making use of the white boards and presentations for internal growth charting and other communications are happening through emails.

As it is said that charity beings from home, we at IIPL firmly believe that when our employees are able to perform with "Good practices" definitely they will outshine as "Good citizens" too! Gradually these initiatives are becoming the habits for every IIPLian and these good practices are spreading like the fragrance throughout our growing IIPL family.

Practicing what we preach

Glimpses of Celebrations @ IIPL: We do quarterly and yearly fun celebrations to keep the culture agile and to strengthen the "Good citizen phenomenon". This can happen through sports and cultural festivals both. To ingrain those "Good practices", and strengthening the IIPL employee bonding as a family. A healthy human body is capable of serving society at large therefore these activities will encourage our employees to stay fit and healthy and to would support them in serving the community through the IIPL platform.

As an example, Cricket tournament is held for all the cricket fanatics at our Headquarter location as a part of our "STAY FIT & STRONG" - for a healthy society.

Extended Family of IIPL: We consider our global suppliers, employees, customers, partners and the communities we are serving as our extended family. Hence, it is our responsibility to stay honest and transparent towards each stakeholder associated with us. To bring this philosophy to practice we are working hard to follow the ethical principles and code of conduct, not only this we also ensure data privacy and security for each stakeholder. We are working towards a vision where we are trying to bring the change wherever it is possible for us to do. As small steps taken will lead to a big leap in the future.

IIPL towards Environment, Health, and Safety: We are committed to reducing the environmental effect of our operations, by creating a workplace where our employees are safe, healthy and happy. Supported by our Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) management system, we undertake a range of systematic activities to reduce the overall environmental impact of our daily activities.

  • Ensuring compliance with authorities governing laws and regulations
  • Saving energy and water
  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Furnishing medical Insurance facilities

We conduct EHS audits at our sites, periodically, to assess compliance with our EHS management system and legal requirements.

This just the tip of the iceberg that we are actually performing at IIPL under our CSR initiatives. As we believe "Let actions speak louder than words".

IIPL is trying its bit, to contribute towards CSR movement in the global family.

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