Our globally situated experts are there to resolve your management, architecture and engineering needs.

We are driving excellent business performance in every corner of the Globe.

Over a decade of operational success within India, we at IIPL, have been able to deliver our best services around the world.

Till 2013, our ambitious IIPL could make their presence felt in 3+ European countries, some parts of U.S., South East Asia, and LATAM. Recently we could expand our services to Australia and Africa as well.

Today we are present in almost all the continents of the world, covering 100+ countries in delivering services and have our offices located in 20+ countries and this is just the beginning as we are still expanding.

Country Contact
Canada info.canada@indinnovation.com
U.S.A. info.california@indinnovation.com
Brazil info.brazil@indinnovation.com
South Africa info.southafrica@indinnovation.com
Kenya info.kenya@indinnovation.com
UK info.england@indinnovation.com
France info.france@indinnovation.com
India info.india@indinnovation.com
Indonesia info.indonesia@indinnovation.com
Singapore info.singapore@indinnovation.com
Vietnam info.india@indinnovation.com
Dubai info.india@indinnovation.com
Malaysia info.singapore@indinnovation.com
HongKong info.singapore@indinnovation.com
Bhutan info.india@indinnovation.com
Japan info.japan@indinnovation.com
Taiwan info.singapore@indinnovation.com
China info.singapore@indinnovation.com
Sydney info.sydney@indinnovation.com
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