IIPL offers a foundation for a flexible and scalable data center that aligns with today’s rapid digital transformation. Your data center is a hub of storage, servers, network competence, and therefore your business productivity is directly affected by the limitations that your data center may have. Since we have a decade of expertise in building and designing facilities for the enterprise across the globe, we can transform your existing infrastructure into a corporate asset that can accelerate your business growth. Our management and field technicians are in the best position to provide you with best service and support.

A service plan that is specifically designed for you will include preventive and corrective maintenance with 24/7 support services, and customized solutions that integrate technology, people and processes.

We at IIPL will be able to customize and develop the plan with our team of experts and also in association with our selected service affiliates. We operate by collaborating with each supplier of the described services, in a way that you have one point of contact and that is IIPL for all your business solutions.


Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of Data Center Management

Engineering and Architecture

OS level/application level patch management, routine administration, HA – RAC, data guard support services, Cloud platform integration

Database Monitoring and Support

Database performance monitoring, Transaction monitoring & analytics, Disaster Recovery Services.

Data Center Transformation

Data center and cloud strategy assessment, Infrastructure Assessment & Transformational Analysis, performance monitoring.

Managed Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting, Utility Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Hybrid Hosting

Storage and Server Management

Server & storage backup, server consolidation, upgrades and migration services, database performance tuning, middleware and batch operation

Run and Support Services

Backup & archival management, database management, multi-platform support, virtual farm administration support, user directory services, virtual resource capacity management.

IIPL Advantage

Over 10+ years of experience in building and managing large scale data center across the globe

Adoption of global best practices - 30% reduction in total cost of your IT operations

Reduction of ticket handling time by process reshuffling and standardization more than 15%

Year-on-year productivity improvement of 10% through better knowledge, automation, tools and maintenance

Hardware and software cost reduced by up to 70%

100% backup success received consistently

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× About Us Our Services How can we help? Corporate Trainings Future @ Work Blog