IIPL's Installation and Commissioning of Telecom equipment including all the activities needed to make a base station or transmission site operational and to function as a part of a telecommunication network. We provide installation and commissioning services of antennas and antenna lines, installation, commissioning and integration of base stations, microwave links.


Microwave (MW) Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit
  • Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder
  • Commissioning of MW link & Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level
  • Integration of MW link

BTS/NODE Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation of BTS/Node B, termination of radio feeder cables, antennas and grounding kits
  • Load BTS/Node B software and set up needed parameters
  • Support for the integration as per procedures and quality requirements.


  • Installation of MSC, BSC, PACO – SGSN, GGSN, SGW, PGW, UCS, Firewalls

EMF Testing

  • Building assessments – Health
  • Identification of wiring errors and stray currents
  • Equipment interference issues
  • Baseline for field reduction methods
  • Long-term data logging to evaluate fluctuations in EMF levels


Fixed Network Rollout


  • Wireline
  • PSTN and other related services

C-Module / Network Layout


  • Network Deployment as per Floor diagram
  • Connectivity as per C-Module
  • End points Terminations and other related services
Wireless Network Rollout


  • RAN Network I&C
  • Core Network I&C
  • PACO Network I&C and other related services
Network Rigger Services


  • Microwave Antenna I&C
  • Antenna Alignment
  • MW Links Integration and other related services

NRC – Execution Model





IIPL Offers

Installation & Commissioning of antennas, antennas lines

I&C of BTS, Integration of BTS and Microwave links

I&C of Core and PACO

Our operation Maintenance Center (OMC) is used to monitor and maintain the performance of each Mobile Station (MS), Base Station (BS), Base Station Controller (BSC) and Mobile Switching Center (MSC) within a GSM system. The OMC has three main functions which are:

  • To maintain all telecommunications hardware and network operations with a particular market.
  • Manage all charging and billing procedures.
  • Manage all mobile equipment in the system.

Our team of core engineers include: BTS Engineers, RF Engineers, Telecom Engineers, NOC Engineers, Transmission Engineer, Technician Riggers and so on.

IIPL Advantage

Both IT domains and network can take advantage of IIPL’s fast and efficient deployment services

Wide experience of Telecom Installations with over 2000 installations

High grade installation, commissioning and integration of base stations, microwave links and fixed transmission equipment provided

IIPL's implementations will maximize the lifespan of infra and installed equipment, thus satisfying cost and time saving needs

Fast and efficient in building and expanding network and IT systems shortens the time-to-market.

First-hand experience on most of the manufacturer's equipment including Ericsson, Lucent, Nokia, Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei etc.

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