At IIPL, we have instituted a unique function in Human Resource Management, which provides a succinct framework to determine the Organization's talent needs and initiate interventions to meet those needs. In our process to synchronize every employee to the vision of the organization, employees learn "how-to" in the world of IIPL, ensuring that we are always setting the best practice standards. They are introduced to the history of the company, the present, and our vision moving forward. This help in fulfilling our purpose of existence and our employees purpose of working with us.

For us to stay at the forefront, our employee needs to be up to date with the latest technologies and tools, learn faster than the competition and realize our core values, principles and methodologies.

IIPL aims to grow the exchange of technical and soft skill knowledge between teams, to develop cross functional skills by the means of Development and Engagement Framework.

Learning and Development

It is an integral part of organization's overall strategy – asses learning and develop potential.

  • Psychometric assessments: These assessments are the tools that identify the gaps in skill and suggest a plan as to how we can improve them. In a broad sense, it has the capability to assess the personality, our motivations, values and interests.

  • 360 Feedback: This is a useful framework designed for gaining self-awareness, self-confidence and inspired to improve how people managers behave. There are well-defined tools to measure and analysis the 360 degree feedback, that helps in generating reports.

  • Survey: These surveys are done within the internal team as a part of the employee engagement framework, where we can get the feedbacks from employees of different aspects of business.

Diagnostics and Alignment

It helps to get everyone working towards the same goal. Diagnostics helps in finding the gap that serves as a bridge to build and achieve individual career goals by aligning them to the business goals.

  • Competency Mapping: It is a process to identify key competencies to perform any job role, and then applying those competencies throughout different processes, that includes, job evaluation, recruitment etc. It helps employees in determining their strengths and making an informed decision about their career path.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Our vision is to create an inclusive and diverse culture that fuels innovation and broaden horizons.

  • Visioning Sessions: They are organized workshop for groups, for everyone to share a same set of objectives, goals and values.

Recognition & Motivation

IIPL's recognition framework encompasses various programs used to reward and motivate associates for their achievement and build a productive, positive and innovative culture.

Some of the Programs are: Rewards and motivation scheme, Sales R&R, Technology and Appreciation Awards etc.


It is a full-bodied framework to ensure that employees are aware of the organization development. The master plan is to create communication strategies and leadership teams that can disseminate information about our clients and design achievement goals.

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