Managed Services – How to Improve Enterprise Productivity?

Managed Services


At times enterprises find it challenging to co-link the IT plans with business primary goals. The aim is to achieve business goals like growing revenue, controlling expenses, reaching wider markets, customer service and generating new ideas for growth. The IT enterprise is given the task to efficiently utilize existing infrastructure, quickly respond to urgent business events, support new features like clouds and big data, security surveillance and emergency recovery system.

Managed services play a key role in transformation of IT functions that can easily align with the business. The new improved IT environment uses both internal and external resources along with in-house and cloud based services like SaaS and PaaS. Catalyzed IT services help in reaching to necessary skills, cost saving, remain updated on latest tech developments, improving security and ease of outsourcing part of IT function as per demand.


  • Response to business alarms: The business environment is volatile 24 X 7. The IT resource must respond to changing business needs immediately. Some critical issues like security breaches and natural calamity need to be responded in less than 24 hours. Managed services are equipped with strong analytics to deal with current as well as future needs.
  • Better productivity: With managed IT services the resources and staffs can be utilized for optimum results. The non-core activities can be offloaded to MSP (Managed Service Provider) and staffs can work on core projects.
  • Centrally managed IT environment: The managed services coordinate and provide support to traditional as well as cloud based working structure, making it easy for enterprise managers get a central view of work and infrastructure.

Enterprises looking for managed services should hire providers that have following qualities:

  • The MSP must support in building state of art IT infrastructure, upgrading to latest technology and quality customer service in cost effective way
  • The provider should build non-penetrable security system and faster response during disruption
  • A complete visibility should be provided across all IT initiatives and flexibility as per demand of time

The managed IT services helps in acquiring desired business goals with best ROI. The services work in the proactive mode to predict problems and resolve before they become critical. The services also help in releasing the key staffs from non-core to core activities.